Clovis Point portfolio company Cirrus Insight announces merger with ZynBit

August 21, 2020

Clovis Point Capital, LLC (“Clovis Point”) is excited to announce that on August 4th, 2020, its portfolio company, Cirruspath, Inc. (“Cirrus Insight”), completed a merger with, Inc. (“ZynBit”). The merger creates the strongest, most capable customer acquisition platform on the market. Leveraging the collective strengths and experience across Gmail and Outlook products, the combined company will be able to deliver the widest range of capabilities to help customers dramatically reduce pipeline risk, boost pipeline growth, and accelerate sales velocity—driving productivity.

Cirrus Insight, the #2 most-rated app on the Salesforce AppExchange, has the largest penetration in the Salesforce integration space and is used by over 250,000 sales professionals and managers. Cirrus Insight is widely recognized for its superior Salesforce email & calendar integration with Gmail across leading tech companies.

ZynBit, the best-rated Salesforce Email integration app on the Salesforce AppExchange and previously an alternative to Cirrus Insight, is recognized for the stability, reliability, security, and speed of its Salesforce email and calendar integration with Outlook, and is trusted by some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

“Leveraging both Cirrus Insight and ZynBit’s respective products and talent will enable the combined company to provide customers a best-in-class user experience while delivering next-generation capabilities,” said Robert Shuford Managing Partner at Clovis Point and Director at Cirrus Insight. “We are extremely proud of everything both the teams have been able to accomplish to date, and we look forward to applying our combined resources for accelerated improvements and innovation in this era of product-led growth.”

As part of this transaction, Phil Dixon, previously CEO of ZynBit, will take over as CEO of the newly formed entity while Ryan Niemann, the current CEO of Cirrus Insight, will move to the role of Chairman of the Board. Dixon is a seasoned product-centric founder with nearly 20 years of experience and has held numerous leadership roles in the CRM, ERP, and ECM sectors. Dixon has founded two data-driven technology companies with successful exits and also mentors local startups.

When asked about the merger, Dixon said: “ZynBit’s product-centric leadership, combined with Cirrus Insight’s market recognition, brings customers the most comprehensive email & calendar integration in the Salesforce ecosystem.

With the strategic guidance and financial backing of Clovis Point, these combined businesses will create significantly more value for customers across product, service, and support. Our 4,000+ customers and 250,000+ users make up one of the largest communities within the Salesforce ecosystem. We’re excited to continue this journey.

Our product vision will enable sales teams to go beyond sales productivity to catalyze pipeline growth and accelerate sales velocity. By integrating innovations in sales automation and machine learning, we’ll focus on streamlining data-driven customer acquisition.”

View the official news release here