Grow Your Company with a True Partner

Clovis Point entrenches itself in each company to create a plan custom-tailored for its growth.

Clovis Point’s Objective is to Set Companies Up for Growth

At Clovis Point, we don’t just invest capital. We give companies our time, talent, expertise, network and energy so that they are set up for the best possible path to success. With decades of experience and an extensive network of investors, experts and key partners in growth, Clovis Point aims to deliver value beyond the dollar.

Operational Excellence

Clovis can help develop cultures that promote integrity, transparency, accountability and results. With this, we look to unify leadership teams around common objectives and drive efficiency across all facets of their businesses. Our experience has taught us to focus on repeatable processes and scalable technologies that strive to deliver predictable results.

Leadership & Team Development

We believe developing teams is critical to success. Clovis Point creates ecosystems that attract, train and retain the best employees. We will assist in recruiting top talent as well as designing employee engagement programs to help ensure everyone succeeds. We embrace collaborative cultures that empower teams to implement strategic and operational initiatives that build long-term value.

Revenue Acceleration

We invest time to study a market from every angle and build executable strategies to drive sustainable sales growth. Through market definition, customer segmentation, product additions and other strategic capital investments, we work with management to build go-to-market strategies that help maximize product-market fit for efficient growth.

Thought Leadership

Clovis Point embraces innovation and expects the companies that it partners with to as well. We are continually evaluating process improvement methodologies to drive efficiencies. We leverage the experiences of our executives, management teams and network and work with outside parties to digest data and identify best practices that help companies in our portfolio achieve their goals.

Corporate Development

Executing on a corporate M&A strategy is not easy. It’s challenging to juggle the demands of operating a business with evaluating, negotiating and executing strategic acquisitions. This is what we do every day. We want to be your partner in helping identify, assess, close and integrate acquisitions that bring us closer to our collective goals.